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This is a small sample of the creative work being produced at EF today. I’d say “we’re proud of it” or something, but you know, we’re always onto the next thing.


An opportune moment

As creatives, the work we do—the creative opportunities we have—can be more important to us than anything else.

We’ve all had clients that don’t really want great creative. And even if they did, made it almost impossible to get there.

Fingers repeatedly burned, we’ve all learned to evaluate companies on whether they might really be capable, or not.

One of the ways we evaluate a company is by looking at the work they have done in the past. If that sucks, we naturally discount that company as a place of opportunity. And usually that’s a safe bet.

The irony of this approach however, is that such companies are often the ones that most need it.

What’s more, when we join companies that already do great work, it means someone else has already done the fun part—someone else has already re-imagined what that company can be. Someone else has reinvented it, and put it on the map of great creative and design. In these companies, at best, we follow. We hold the line.

Based on what you see when you look at EF's past work, you might decide you see a company that won’t do great creative. But this time, you would be wrong.

All great creative companies can point to a moment in their histories where design and creative became important to their brand. A point in time that changed what their brand stood for—a point where they became world-renowned for such great work.

At EF that point in time is now.
And as we launch into this mission, creatives joining this team will be the originators of that transformation. The founding architects of work that future creatives around the world will someday look up to—wishing they too could have had such opportunities.

EF is about to become one of those companies known around the world for its brilliant creative and design, so speaking as one creative to another, it’s a rather perfect time to join our team.

Joel Hladecek
World Wide Creative Officer




As creatives, we all keep a list of other companies and groups that do killer work. I'm sure you have one of those lists. But what do those companies sell?

Computers? Shoes? Fashion? Each tries to associate with a lifestyle, promises to transform customers in some way. But really, that's a stretch. They're just shoes.

EF does transform our customers. We literally improve them. We send them on adventures. We give them mental power ups. Our customers become connected, worldly, wise and aware.

They travel the globe with
CONFIDENCE & FREEDOM. They live that life, become those people we all wish we could be. EF is a lifestyle.

I challenge you to find a cooler product to serve as the subject of your creative vision.



A Global Company

EF's scale catches some by surprise. We have over 400 offices and schools spanning more than 50 countries, and a workforce comprising 120 nationalities. EF is all over the globe. And that means your creative voice can be too.

Our Culture

If you're a creative, "Corporate" is probably a bad word. We get that. And while someone needs to wield Excel to pay you, EF is family-owned and entrepreneurial. That means if you have a good idea you can get it made.

Our creative teams

We're not some "internal agency". We are distributed teams of insanely talented, and sometimes modest, creatives. We interact on projects all over the world, in every medium, and honestly, genuinely like working together.

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